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High Performance Fulfillment: The Only Way to Meet Customer Demand

High Performance Fulfillment: The Only Way to Meet Customer Demand

Fast shipping and speedy delivery have become consumer expectations for shopping online; faster shipping is no longer considered a benefit or a perk. E-commerce consumers expect their purchases to be shipped immediately after purchase and delivered not long afterward. In addition, if a consumer’s experience is unpleasant, or if what was purchased doesn’t arrive as scheduled and in perfect condition, the consumer could soon be shopping elsewhere.

E-commerce may seem like a seamless, simple process to the end-user, but those of us in the supply chain and e-commerce industry know that it’s anything but. For the last twenty or so years of e-commerce, companies across the globe have been figuring out ways to improve every aspect of this process – from the time it takes orders to be completed and sent to the distribution centers, to the ways that products are shipped from A to Z. To get product in the hands of consumers quickly, companies need a robust online store and efficient fulfillment, shipping and delivery functionalities that tie directly into their supply chain operations.

Here at ModusLink, we’ve been dedicated to improving ourselves every day. We’re constantly reviewing our success – or lack thereof – and making adjustments to improve the customer experience. We look for ways to become more efficient; to improve upon each order; to find a way to be faster, better than before.

As a part of this, we’ve embraced high-performance fulfillment. It’s all about becoming more efficient and passing on those improvements to our customers. An investment in ourselves is an investment in how well we provide for our customers. By updating our order fulfillment process to keep a product in constant motion from the time it is picked until it arrives at the shipping dock, we’ve been able to strengthen customers’ ability to quickly meet demand.

For us, high-performance fulfillment is the answer to the problem of improving the overall e-commerce and supply chain process. Our state-of-the-art fulfillment capability provides efficient and flexible storage, coupled with high-speed picking solutions, to establish a speedy yet accurate way of getting products from order to doorstep.

We call it 4-Minute Click-to-Ship. Our high-performance fulfillment system was born out of operational reviews and studies of our internal processes so we could limit wasted touches and time consuming extra steps in between the order and shipping phases. By keeping boxes in constant motion we were able to achieve measurable time savings – and destroy the common industry standard of 10 minutes to ship. Read some more about our success here and here.

Because we’re a full-service organization, we can also tie this improved fulfillment to our product customization, gift wrapping, messaging, customized packaging and shipping analysis solutions to make sure you’re getting the fastest and most accurate solution possible.

Contact us to learn how our high-performance fulfillment advances could help get products in hands of your customers even faster than before.

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