Global Contact & Call Centers: an extension of your brand


When you scale globally, plan for an increased amount of customers to match. Our support team answers customers’ questions, resolves issues, and supports order requests efficiently and in the right language. So you’ll have fewer cancellations and returns, increased sales, and higher customer loyalty.    

Increase Customer loyalty with a fully branded experience.

Convenient and responsive

We serve the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, at the times convenient for your customers and in the languages they speak. 

Friendly contact center agent speaking with a headset and working on a laptop

Omni-channel, omnipresent

Whether it’s ordering, shopping, or technical assistance, a better brand experience includes options. So our support representatives are fully trained in whatever communication format your customers prefer—including phone, email, and live chat.

Friendly contact center agent speaking with a headset and working on a laptop

Well-informed interactions

Our team will rapidly become experts on your business, brand, and products, and gain a clear view into every phase of the order process. We anticipate questions, keep small issues from becoming larger ones, and build customer trust and loyalty around the clock.

Friendly contact center agent speaking with a headset and working on a laptop

We serve your customers to grow your business.

The stakes and expectations for customer service have never been higher. Miss an opportunity to connect with an end customer and a potential profit source is lost forever.

Every response, conversation, and action should be trained on forming sustainable customer bonds and elevating your brand experience. That’s why we select and train customer service representatives who are in touch with your industry and products and reflect your brand’s personality. The result: first contact resolution rates significantly above the industry average.

Why Transfer Your Contact Center to Us?

Our Contact Center solutions form the best kind of customer bonds: the ones that increase faith in your business, create fans of your brand, and contribute to higher profits. That holds true whether it’s 3pm on a Wednesday or 4am on a Sunday.



Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Our cloud-based Always-On Global Customer Support platform responds to your customers around the clock, answering their needs at their convenience and ensuring the continuity of your business.

Build a Better Brand Experience

Your customer’s experience with a service representative mirrors their perception of your company, brand, and products. So we make sure that experience is smooth and efficient. We use intelligent routing to get customers to the person with the right skills to meet their needs. We also offer a choice of call, email, or chat contact methods and multi-language support. It all adds up to first contact resolution rate over 90%, well above the industry average.

Get a Clear View of Your Customer Interactions

The ModusLink Contact Center uses data-driven analysis to give you a global view of your customer contacts, so you’ll be able to see any trending issues and spot patterns. Your business decisions will be based on greater perspective and lead to improved long-term customer satisfaction. 

Serve Your Customers Better with a Connected Solution

We want to completely support your customers. So we integrate our Contact Center operations with an end-to-end eCommerce channel that connects you to web store development, financial management, returns management, QA monitoring, and entitlement management.

Did you know?

“Companies that are actively investing in digital operations and strive to be digital champions expect revenue growth of 25% by 2023 and 21% efficiency gains.” – FROM PwC


End-to-End Supply Chain Management and Global eCommerce

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