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ModusLink Fulfillment Services are highly integrated and supported by a best-of-breed technology infrastructure so you can quickly increase efficiency and reduce costs. Importantly, ModusLink has deep experience in and is exceptionally skilled at handling the fulfillment requirements of multiple channels, be they manufacturing sites, distribution centers, retail operations or individual consumers dispersed across the globe. We’re equally strong in adapting to the needs of retail/B2B or B2C product movement.

We can manage all aspects of bringing your product to market, including order management, pick, pack and ship, retail compliance and demand planning services. Along with that, we help optimize component and finished goods inventory levels for better efficiency and cost savings. In effect, we adapt to your needs.

And, in today’s digital age, you can look to ModusLink for the physical programming of digital content – such as software, firmware, upgrades or promotional material – onto numerous types of flash media, including SD and MicroSD cards, USB drives, navigation systems, smartphones and tablets. This programming includes content protection and activation options as well as full IP security. What’s more, as direct-to-consumer volumes increase, you can rest assured that ModusLink will provide a customer experience that will serve to further enhance your brand relationship