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From Factories to the Future

Factories to the Future Webinar by Nick Foy

On Thursday, April 20th, I’ll be giving a presentation via webinar about what the future holds for those of us in the e-commerce and supply chain industries. My presentation, entitled “From Factories to the Future – A Story of Innovation in Manufacturing and Logistics” will explore the impacts of global mega-trends and the direct influence on the supply chain and e-commerce industries in 2017 and beyond.

During the webinar, we’ll be asking questions such as: What are the market trends that are affecting what we do every day? How are these changing over time? What can history tell us about the future in these industries? What can we expect? And most importantly, how should we prepare?

The presentation will cover the below areas:

  • Internet of Things – Companies should embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) and grow accustomed to tasks such as replenishment and pick, pack and delivery being automated and completed without any human intervention.
  • Automation – By integrating bots and corresponding apps into operational workflows, companies can use these tools for repetitive tasks, taking care of everything from order entry to line-side replenishment
  • Robotics – Smaller, more nimble machines have the ability to perform multiple tasks and work alongside humans, aiding in productivity.
  • Artificial Intelligence – As artificial intelligence matures, it will have several applications – from the way you ship and deliver products, to the way you learn what customers want through having them design the products themselves.
  • Big Data – Companies today must work to capture their existing data and make it actionable and productive across their operations.

You should sign up and listen in: I’m looking forward to discussing these areas with you. Hope to see you at the webinar!

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