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E-Commerce Reshaping the Face of Logistics

E-Commerce Reshaping the Face of Logistics

It is no secret that the entire retail landscape has endured some major changes over the last few years to accommodate the rapid proliferation of e-commerce. As direct-to-consumer order fulfillment has continued to evolve and consumers have fully developed their taste and expectations for instant gratification, retailers have had to depend heavily on their logistics and supply chain solution providers to make sure their operations are in line with their consumers’ expectations.

With consumers breaking the previous online spending record every year, e-commerce retailers need to continue to evolve their businesses to match the evolving needs of their customers. Here are some key functions many organizations are utilizing in order to accommodate the e-commerce uptick.

Speeding Up the Order Fulfillment Process
One major thing that could stand in the way of completing a sale could be the time it takes to get your product all the way through the supply chain and into the hands of your very eager customer. In this era of instant gratification, consumers heavily consider the time it will take to receive their goods from the retailer before clicking the “Buy” button on their screens. To keep that customer on the hook, make small adjustments to your warehouse layout or adjust the placement and accessibility of key materials in order to speed up assembly times and complete the customer’s order within a timely window.

Obtaining Real-Time Data and Analysis
During peak e-commerce sales days, having the most crucial statistics readily available, such as the amount of stock you have on hand (in order to avoid a shortage), or the proper amount of packaging materials to complete the product assembly, is instrumental in maintaining a top-tier e-commerce operation. Having this information on hand allows the retailer to make time-sensitive decisions on the fly and get its products out the door and into the hands of a happy customer in the most efficient manner possible.

Outsourcing Your Transportation Operations
With two-day, next-day and even “within the hour” shipping rising in popularity, e-commerce retailers are always looking for new ways to speed up the delivery process. While organizations like Amazon continue to rely on FedEx and UPS to handle the bulk of their shipping operations, they also have continued to dabble in their own delivery endeavors, taking a more hands-on approach in getting their products from the warehouse and into a consumer’s hands. Services like Amazon Prime Now and their upcoming drone delivery service are testaments to how the e-commerce craze has forever changed the world of retail as it currently stands.

Need to reshape your logistics processes to match your e-commerce needs? If so, ModusLink offers a suite of e-commerce solutions that are sure to provide a significant boost to your business.

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