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Digital Commerce

At the heart of ModusLink’s Digital Commerce is our cloud-based e-commerce platform. It removes the complexities and risk of a global web store, optimizing each stage of the online buying experience so that products can be quickly and easily purchased, serviced and delivered anywhere in the world. ModusLink’s end-to-end approach is fully integrated with global payment, CRM and fulfillment systems, helping you quickly and easily expand into a new region and country. And if you need help in managing and optimizing your commerce solution once you’re up and running, we can do that too.

You can meet revenue goals, drive growth and build your brand around the globe by leveraging our e-commerce partners Intershop and Shopify. When ModusLink integrates with either partner, you get a comprehensive, single view of your customer at every stage of their relationship with you. And with the help of our platform experts, you able to decide which one suits your business the best. We’ll then do the rest.

Our international e-commerce team can manage the installation, integration and all technical operations for your online store, so you can dedicate all of your time and resources to your core business. We adapt to best help you reach new markets, optimize order processing and customer service, reduce costs and increase margins and flexibility — without having to invest in your own infrastructure and personnel.

And, if you seek an enterprise-level or cloud-based modules to effectively handle all aspects of entitlement management, ModusLink offers Poetic® software and services. Further, our Poetic Service Cloud Solution lets IoT device manufacturers connect their products to the cloud and collect usage data plus service fees to gain insights and income as well as handle replenishment.

And, to be sure, our adaptive approach to supply chain services for digital commerce can improve your online business performance plus strengthen the one-to-one relationships you have nurtured with your customers.

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