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Choices, Choices, Choices

Business Choices

With an ever-expanding range of choices (whether it’s in ice cream flavors, a new car or an insurance policy) nothing seems more challenging than choosing one over the other. After all, by opening one door, another closes. Not making any choice, however, keeps every door closed.

It’s the same story when doing business – keeping your company on track is a matter of making choices, time after time. Customer’s demands and the business landscape change, so your company has to make a turn every now and then to keep up. ModusLink is no exception. Below, I have outlined three important choices ModusLink has dealt with in the past years. These are choices your company most likely has already faced, will face or should face in the years to come to keep on track.

  1. Business model
    One of the most important decisions for ModusLink has been to focus on omni-channel over multichannel. Why? Because that’s what we do best. Staying close to our core business not only makes it easier to grow, but also distinguishes us from the competition.
  1. The Devil’s Triangle
    Finding the perfect ratio between price, quality and speed, also known as the Devil’s Triangle in project management, was another important decision for us, and one you will no doubt have to make as well. It’s simple: pick two.
  • Choose price and quality – your product or service will most likely not be delivered fast.
  • Choose speed and quality – your product or service becomes more costly.
  • Choose speed and price – well… you know where I’m going with this.

Here at ModusLink, our focus on speed and quality best matches the base of our existence: offering an end-to-end solution instead of being a commodity. We do, of course, try to keep our services competitively priced, but we have found that there is often better value in offering quality and speed, over the lowest possible price.

  1. The ideal client
    Selling your well thought-out products or services demands clients, but client A is nothing like client B, and there’s surely one you prefer over the other. That’s why you need to mold an image of the ideal client or customer. By choosing one type of client over another, you automatically stop trying to please everybody – which ultimately improves quality and value.

Choose, shift, repeat
That’s it. Three choices pushing the business forward. Does your previous choice of focus point no longer match your companies’ strengths? Do you notice a shift in what pleases your customer or client? Does your way of doing business simply no longer match with the road you paved before? No problem: shift your priorities. Make other choices. Just do it. Make the choices. When you don’t, others will. And eventually you won’t be able to choose at all, but will be left dealing with the choices of others.

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