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In Case You Missed It: Best Industry Articles and Insights from July

Best Industry Articles and Insights this Month

With the supply chain, logistics, manufacturing and e-commerce industries moving at such a fast pace, it’s easy to miss some of the news. To help keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and industry insights, we’ve created a new monthly blog series that will share the top articles from the month focusing on various sects of these ever-changing industries.

Below are three articles that caught our eye over the past several weeks:

  • Digital transformation is everywhere and is officially changing the manufacturing industry. Industrial manufacturers are hopping on board and speeding toward a digital world at breakneck speed. Customers are growing accustomed to a faster pace and connectivity is proving crucial to an efficient manufacturing floor. Earlier this month, Forbes shared the top five digital transformation trends in manufacturing
  • Perhaps the largest e-commerce news this month, Walmart and Google have joined forces in an effort to compete with retail giant Amazon. Their new partnership adds hundreds of thousands of Walmart items to Google’s online-shopping marketplace, Google Express. This will be the first time Walmart goods will be sold online outside of their own domain. The partnership also includes voice-enabled shopping, allowing consumers to make purchases from Google’s virtual assistant via their phones, Google’s voice-controlled speakers, and a growing number of devices. The Wall Street Journal has more on what this news means for e-commerce, voice, and the consumer here.
  • The move toward technology and automation is proving inevitable when it comes to manufacturing. Despite the rising costs of labor, fewer factories are opting to move operations to cheaper-wage countries and are instead investing in technology to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Bloomberg took a deep dive into this trend and how China robots displace workers as wage spiral pressures profits.

With the industry evolving at breakneck speeds, be sure to check back next month to see the top news from September.

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