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In Case You Missed It: Best Industry Articles and Insights from September

In Case You Missed It: Best Industry Articles and Insights this Month

The supply chain, logistics, manufacturing and e-commerce industries continue to develop faster than we ever imagined. Below, you’ll find the top articles and trends from September covering various sections of these ever-changing industries.

  • Hurricanes Harvey and Irma devastated their respective regions and have impacted the rest of the country in ways many may not realize. With the rush to repair households and infrastructure, shipping capacity is tighter than ever. Lumber, cleaning supplies, generators, and appliances are filling trailers and containers that have not already been claimed by the looming holiday season. With the busiest time of the year fast approaching and relief efforts still underway, tighter shipping capacities are anticipated to continue into early 2018. Business Insider has more on how the industry is adjusting to these shipping constraints here.
  • Earlier in September, Apple announced the launch of its new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X devices. Per the brand’s past launches, consumer demand is high for these new smartphones. With the iPhone X releasing at a higher price point and later date, Apple is likely struggling to gauge what the demand will be. The iPhone X includes a wealth of new technology, which has already caused a production snag due to its facial recognition system. While analysts are already predicting supply shortages, frustrated consumers could look to other offerings as the holiday season draws near. The Wall Street Journal dove into why there are never enough new iPhones and the production woes caused by its facial recognition system.
  • It may only be October, but the pressure is on to have a smooth holiday season. Major retailers, e-commerce giants and logistics and package-delivery services like Target, Macy’s, Amazon, UPS, and FedEx have already begun preparing by launching a holiday hiring binge with some having posted job listings as early as July. Companies are doing everything they can to recruit as many workers as possible, including offering higher wages, bus service, flexible schedules and opening more warehouses. The Wall Street Journal shares more details on how companies plan to combat unemployment rates and rising e-commerce orders here.

With the industry evolving at breakneck speeds, be sure to check back in next month to see the top news from October.

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