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In Case You Missed It: Best Industry Articles and Insights from February

In Case You Missed It: Best Industry Articles and Insights Last Month

Need help keeping up with the latest supply chain, logistics, manufacturing and e-commerce industry news? Below, you’ll find the top articles and trends from February covering various elements of these ever-evolving industries.

  • The new year has started out strong for e-commerce employees, with warehouse, storage and delivery companies adding more than 10,000 jobs and workers in January. The growing weight of digital commerce is proving positive for the jobs market; total employment in the manufacturing industry hit an all-time high with more than one million jobs. Industries that touch e-commerce, such as package delivery and online retailers, have been showing the most job gains. The Wall Street Journal takes a deep dive on the surge of logistics hiring.
  • With the new tax bill in place, it looks like U.S. manufacturing may be on the upswing. In a NAM Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey, 94.6 percent of respondents said they were optimistic about their own company’s prospects and a 58.7 percent said the U.S. was headed in the right direction. The tax reform gives manufacturers an incentive to keep plants and factories in the U.S., and with that. Our own chief strategy officer, Nick Foy, connected with IndustryWeek on the matter where he predicted that “better information and analytics will continue to fuel the reshaping of manufacturing.” Read the full IndustryWeek piece on the future of U.S. manufacturing, along with Nick’s commentary, to get the whole story.
  • Like clockwork, Gartner releases its annual supply chain operation predictions. As with any industry, supply chain operations must adopt new business models to compete in an increasingly complex and volatile world. Supply chain leaders must continue to innovate and invest in new technologies to keep pace. The pressure to continue to innovate and advance is stronger than ever and companies that fall behind may suffer the grave consequence of ceasing to exist. Supply Chain Digest takes a deeper look at Gartner’s 2018 supply chain predictions.
  • As you (hopefully) know, Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and you’ll have purchased roses for your significant other. What you may not know is that those roses likely came from Colombia. Each year, Colombia sends 4 billion flowers to the U.S. and Valentine’s Day is peak season. In order to compete, U.S. flower growers have looked into other varieties and nearly abandoned roses entirely. At a Colombian rose farm, every time a rose is placed in a basket it enters an integrated supply chain that, through a combination of high-end technology and a few antiquated touches, gets the flowers from beds in Colombia into the U.S. in a matter of days. The Washington Post analyzes the rose trade and gives an inside look into the floral supply chain.
  • These days, it seems Amazon is seeping into our everyday lives in every manner possible, from grocery to streaming to retail. Last month, Amazon announced that it is planning to launch a delivery service likely to compete with FedEx and UPS. Thus far, Amazon has mastered every element of fulfillment and now looks to take hold of the last mile—which the company has historically relied on services like FedEx and UPS to handle. Launching its own delivery service could greatly reduce shipping costs for the e-commerce giant. Supply Chain 24/7 takes a look at Amazon’s ever-increasing e-commerce shipping costs.

With the industry always changing, be sure to check back in next month to see the top news from March.

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