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Better Customer Service (and More) Through Exception Management

Better Customer Service (and More) Through Exception Management

In the supply chain and logistics industry, exception management is often defined as a process that’s set up to capture information that sets outside the normal parameters of doing business – exceptions to the normal flow of your supply chain, from consumer purchase to packing and shipping to delivery on a customer’s doorstep. Any interruption, issue or unexpected change can be flagged under exception management processes so that a manager can intervene, see what the issue is, and immediately correct it.

Supply Chain Center Upgrade in Brno

Upping Our Game Without Disrupting Yours

In mid-2015, ModusLink was pleased to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Solution Center in Brno, Czech Republic. Since opening its doors in 2005, the Brno center has grown 327 percent and served as the logistics hub for top brands needing to reach a global customer base. To accommodate this growth, we knew it was time to upgrade the facility to take full advantage of the latest technology, process and efficiency improvements.

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