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What it Means to Have a Successful Supply Chain in the Digital Age

The Supply Chain Event of the Year Merging Science and Art for a Successful Supply Chain

This week, we’re walking the floor at the supply chain event of the year – The Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference. This year’s conference focuses on the new meaning of supply chain excellence in the digital age.

Logistics Outsourcing

Is It Time To Outsource Your Logistics?

You started in a garage, hand manufacturing, testing and shipping each and every product. From there, your Kickstarter campaign gave you the capital and the courage to go ahead and outsource your production. While you have outsourced production, you’re still handling the logistics of receiving, warehousing, order fulfillment and shipping on your own – and it has begun to be a time-consuming bottleneck that takes up more and more of your resources and time.

Supply Chain Pitfalls

4 Potential Pitfalls In Your Supply Chain—And How To Protect Against Them

We’ve all heard the horror stories – unexpected breakdowns somewhere along the supply chain that lead to missed deadlines, adjusted schedules and consumers that ultimately aren’t able to purchase your product.

Losing Dimensional Weight in the Supply Chain

Losing Dimensional Weight in the Supply Chain

I have held previous positions where there was a separation between packaging engineering and logistics. “We design what the customer wants, then it becomes logistics’ responsibility to calculate and figure out the method and costs for moving it around.” Over the past year at ModusLink I have had several dimensional weight projects come across my desk that show how these two disciplines are so clearly interrelated.

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