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How Strategic Outsourcing Can Help Halt Margin Erosion

On December 12th, I’m excited to be presenting my first webinar for ModusLink on a topic that I’m super passionate about: helping our customers figure out ways to become more streamlined and efficient while still maintaining a strong connection to their customers.

Is Your Supply Chain Ready For Winter

With Winter Around the Corner, Is Your Supply Chain Ready?

The holiday season is well under way and e-commerce retailers are already seeing unprecedented sales figures with no signs of a slowdown as the New Year approaches. Though business may be great now however, this momentum could all come to a screeching halt with one outlying factor: a blizzard (or other massive winter weather event).

Contact Center Overload: What Do You Do?

There Is No Doubt That A Good Relationship With Your Customers Is Essential

In this blog, I am going to focus on the challenges your contact center may face in times of a crisis – and offer a possible outsourcing solution.

Natural Disasters And Supply Chain Operations

When Disaster Strikes: How to Keep Hurricanes and other Disasters from Raining on your Plans

Those on the East Coast, who recently dodged a bullet named Hurricane Joaquin, are happy to see that the NOAA’s 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook indicates a below-normal hurricane season is very likely. We all know, however, that it only takes one major storm to bring an unprepared supply chain to a standstill, just as Hurricane Katrina did to the ports and rail operations in and around the Gulf of Mexico ten years ago. But we all know that hurricanes aren’t the only acts of Mother Nature that can negatively impact your supply chain, so whether it’s a hurricane, earthquake or other natural disaster, you need to be prepared.

A Software Management Policy is Essential to Improve Purchasing

In my previous blog, I shed some light on the world of Entitlement Management and the Internet of Things (IoT), discussing how the two are deeply connected and have increasing uses and applications. There will be an estimated 26 billion active devices by the end of 2020, which equals billions of software applications being used.

In this blog, I will discuss a best practice scenario for purchasing software.

Stop Contact Center Cost Scrutiny, Start Lowering Full Operational Costs

Stop Contact Center Cost Scrutiny, Start Lowering Full Operational Costs

More and more, senior executives have an increased understanding of the value of contact centers: they help companies to retain customers, revenues and support. Despite the fact that the responsibilities contact centers are charged with are no longer seen as peripheral to their core functions, they are almost always under cost scrutiny.

Preparing for Disasters That Could Impact Your Supply Chain

Preparing for Disasters That Could Impact Your Supply Chain

As we head into spring here in North America, there is an important question you need to ask yourself – if you haven’t already done so: Is your supply chain prepared to withstand a potential disaster?

Expanding Your Global Footprint Into Brazils Booming Online Economy

Expanding Your Global Footprint Into Brazil’s Booming Online Economy

With the increasing complexity of the world’s consumer markets, businesses face various challenges when it comes to expanding their footprint into the different corners of the world.

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