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Siloed Supply Chain

3 Warning Signs of a Siloed Supply Chain – and How to Fix Them

Business moves fast. Very fast. Supply chains need to move even faster. But a siloed supply chain will slow down your company, frustrate your customers, and ultimately waste resources and lose business.

From Factories to the Future

On Thursday, April 20th, I’ll be giving a presentation via webinar about what the future holds for those of us in the e-commerce and supply chain industries. My presentation, entitled “From Factories to the Future – A Story of Innovation in Manufacturing and Logistics” will explore the impacts of global mega-trends and the direct influence on the supply chain and e-commerce industries in 2017 and beyond.

Four Brand Management Resolutions for 2017

We frequently stress the importance of delivering exceptional customer experiences; after all, it’s the core of every business and what ultimately drives long-term customer loyalty revenue. Given the shift in the buying process in which customers are now more educated about a product before they even buy, and the fact that they are able to receive a product in a day or less, consumer expectations are at an all-time high. If those expectations are not met or exceeded, your brand will suffer.

Industry Trends to Expect Next Year

As the year winds down, some will be sad to see 2016 go – while others will be happily showing it the door and changing the locks after it’s gone. Regardless of whether it was a good or a bad year for you, the hope and promise of the new year will soon be upon us.

How Strategic Outsourcing Can Help Halt Margin Erosion

On December 12th, I’m excited to be presenting my first webinar for ModusLink on a topic that I’m super passionate about: helping our customers figure out ways to become more streamlined and efficient while still maintaining a strong connection to their customers.

Innovation and Design in Mexico: Why Mexico Might be Right for Your Company

Next week I’ll be travelling down to a location very familiar to us here at ModusLink; Guadalajara, Mexico. While there I’ll be giving a keynote at the annual MIND (Mexico Innovation and Design) conference, taking place this year from November 1-3, 2016.

What 3 Things Do Manufacturers Need to Know About Global Logistics?

I like to think of manufacturing as one of the oldest professions in the world. While some of our caveman ancestors were out hunting for food, I like to think of the folks that stayed home and created the tools those hunters used, the brushes and paints for cave paintings, etc.

Of course, that was long ago and manufacturing was small-scale – nothing like the global environment we all deal with today. But as manufacturing has grown in size, scale, and reach, it’s also increasingly complex.

The Five Benefits of Modern Business Process Outsourcing

In today’s business world, more and more companies are starting to look at business process outsourcing as far more than simply having an accounting firm do the books, a call center company handle support and a PR firm handle the media.

The Five Reasons You Need Real-Time Visibility In Your Supply Chain

Whether you’re selling to businesses or to consumers, you’re dealing with super-high expectations for the purchasing and delivery of products. The Amazon effect has raised everyone’s expectations about when products should arrive at your doorstep or at the front door of your business.

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