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Subscription Box E-commerce business model
August 11, 2017

5 Logistical Challenges Limiting Subscription Box Companies (and How the Right Partner Can Help)

From cosmetics, clothes and snacks, to high-end golf supplies, dog treats and specialty socks, there seems to be a subscription box to meet nearly anyone’s – and presumably, everyone’s – preferences. In fact, by some industry estimates, more than 2,500 subscription box companies that have emerged in the last 3 years. This number is only expected to increase as consumers continue to demand customization and convenience.

January 6, 2017

The Importance of Reverse Logistics to the Health and Beauty Market

Returns can happen for any reason: because something didn’t fit; because people received duplicates of something; because people didn’t like something – or because a product was damaged. There are several reasons why something could be returned – but whatever the reason, companies need to be set up to quickly and efficiently receive these returns and either ship out new goods or process a refund/store credit.

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